From Chianti to Malbec: Discovering the Diverse World of US Wine Imports

Discover the Top 10 Wine Exporters to the US Market in 2022! From Italy to Argentina, explore the high-quality wines that satisfy the growing demand of American consumers.

From Chianti to Malbec: Discovering the Diverse World of US Wine Imports

Wine has become a beloved drink worldwide, and its popularity is only growing in the United States. With the steady increase of wine imports to the US market, it's essential to understand which countries are leading the way. We will dive into the United States import data for the subcategory "Wines & Musts < 2L" from January to December 2022, highlighting the top ten countries, including Italy, France, and New Zealand.

Italy takes the top spot with an export value of $1.62 billion, making it the largest exporter of wines to the United States in the subcategory "Wines & Musts < 2L". Italy's rich history in winemaking and diverse range of wines, such as Chianti, Barolo, and Prosecco, contribute to its success. France follows closely behind, with an export value of $1.47 billion, and New Zealand rounds out the top three with an export value of $492 million.

Spain and Argentina are significant players known for producing high-quality wines like Tempranillo and Malbec. Australia, Chile, Portugal, Germany, and South Africa also offer unique wine cultures, producing various varietals and styles, with export values ranging from $47 million to $234 million.

In total, the United States imported USD 4.9 billion FOB worth of wines and musts under 2 liters in 2022. The wine market in the United States is diverse, with consumers accessing products worldwide. This has contributed to the growth in the popularity of wine in the country, with many consumers exploring different wine regions and varietals. The top ten countries exporting to the United States in this subcategory play a significant role in satisfying the demand for these products.

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