The Rising Popularity of Sparkling Wine in Japan: Opportunities for Wine Exporters

Discover Japan's thriving sparkling wine market, with record imports in 2022. Learn about France's dominance, Spain's and Italy's growth, and opportunities for other wine-producing countries. Capitalize on Japan's appetite for sparkling wine and seize opportunities for wine exporters worldwide.

The Rising Popularity of Sparkling Wine in Japan: Opportunities for Wine Exporters

The Japanese wine market has grown rapidly recently, with a particular interest in sparkling wine. This presents a unique opportunity for wine exporters looking to tap into this burgeoning market. This blog post will explore the latest trends in Japan's sparkling wine imports and discuss what it means for wine producers and exporters worldwide.

Record-high sparkling wine imports

In 2022, Japan reached a new milestone with sparkling wine imports valued at USD 729.37 million. This significant increase compared to previous years showcases the strong demand for sparkling wine among Japanese consumers. This growing market offers wine exporters a lucrative opportunity to expand their reach and increase sales.

France maintains its dominance.

France has consistently been the top exporter of sparkling wine to Japan. French sparkling wine imports have grown from USD 510.70 million in 2018 to USD 611.03 million in 2022, demonstrating the popularity of French wines among Japanese consumers. However, this also means there is room for other wine-producing countries to make their mark in the Japanese market.

Spain and Italy on the rise

Spain and Italy have maintained their positions as the second and third-largest exporters of sparkling wine to Japan. Both countries have experienced steady growth in export value between 2018 and 2022. This trend highlights the increasing interest in European sparkling wines, and exporters from these countries should consider capitalizing on this opportunity to expand their presence in Japan.

Chile's recovery and potential for growth

Despite experiencing a dip in sparkling wine imports to Japan in 2020 and 2021, Chile saw a slight recovery in 2022, reaching USD 6.69 million in export value. This rebound indicates that there is still potential for Chilean sparkling wines in the Japanese market. Chilean wine producers should leverage their unique offerings and focus on marketing strategies to regain their position and capture a larger share of this growing market.

Australia's Sparkling Wine Exports to Japan: Adapting to Market Dynamics

In the Japanese sparkling wine market, Australian exports have fluctuated between 2018 and 2022. Despite these inconsistencies, a 2022 export value of USD 7.19 million signifies an existing demand for Australian sparkling wines in Japan. To address the fluctuations in the Japanese sparkling wine market, Australian wine producers must identify the factors contributing to these variations and adjust their approach to better align with market demands. By monitoring market trends and learning from successful strategies employed by other wine-exporting countries, Australian wine exporters can refine their tactics to improve their competitive position and increase their market share in Japan's sparkling wine market.

Opportunities for other wine-producing countries

The "Others" category, representing sparkling wine imports from countries beyond the top five, experienced fluctuations in value between 2018 and 2022 but ultimately increased by around USD 0.39 million during this period. This trend suggests opportunities for other wine-producing countries to enter the Japanese market and establish a foothold. By understanding local preferences and developing targeted marketing campaigns, these countries can benefit from Japan's growing appetite for sparkling wine.

Opportunities in the Japanese Sparkling Wine Market

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